Types Of Custom Kraft Boxes in USA By Crown Packages

Custom Kraft Boxes in USA

The term Types Of Custom Kraft Boxes in USA By Crown Packages, when you think about it, is a bit vague, because yes, there are different types of kraft boxes. We usually think of corrugated kraft boxes (especially kraft boxes) but there are others. At the end of this article, you will know the main points and understand:

How To Make Kraft Boxes:

We can talk about custom kraft boxes in USA and explain the different types of kraft boxes without returning to the main point: how is kraftboard made?

The Composition Of The Box:

Cardboard is a thicker or stronger paper than others. In other words,  kraft boxes are a strong paper.  kraft boxes manufacturing like paper, cardboard is made from cellulose fibers from trees. All about weight (because yes, it matters)
Different types of kraft boxes
Distinguish between different types of packaging

Why is Grammage Of The Board Important?

We use the trunks from which we remove the bark, wash them, cut them, scrape them and grind them to get the famous fibers. The setting is bad. But before diving into the heart of the matter, remains a central topic known: the grammage of kraft box. Carton weight: let’s talk about weight and thickness. Because this has a great effect on his strength. Therefore, it is a parameter that you have to keep in mind when choosing your kraft box. The grammage of cardboard is expressed in grams per square meter, or g/m2. In addition to indicating its weight, the grammage of the cardboard is also a good indicator of the thickness of the cardboard.

Another option that affects the thickness of the kraft box is actually how it is made, its different types. And that’s something we’ll find out right away.

Different Types of Kraft Box

There are 4 different types of kraft box:

  • Corrugated kraft boxes
  • Card (or folding kraft boxes)
  • Gray card (or thick kraft boxes)
  • Alveolar kraft boxes (honeycomb)

But we will start with what may seem obvious: corrugated kraft boxes. corrugated kraft boxes

What are corrugated kraft boxes?

Corrugated kraft boxes minimum: wall + glue + cloth + glue + another wall.  Yes, because this configuration (let’s forget the glue for simplicity) wall + corrugated layer + wall corresponding to kraft board is easy. There are three custom box layers.

  • One flute Layer
  • Two flutes Layer
  • Three flutes Layer

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